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They say it’s going to rain,
It’s going to be rainier then ever
But I see through your pain dear
Oh and I see that you’re just not here
They say it’s going to rain.

I see clouds in your gray eyes,
Oh, such blue I’d never dare to try
They say my grandma’s grandma
Had purple eyes
But my nose grew longer since we’ve met
I loved you from the first time that I heard you talk, I long to hear your funny little lies again
Oh Eliza
We sail through the bluest sky
Though I never dare fly higher then I could jump
It’s not a dream, I beg you, say-
How badly were we harmed?
Eliza, I remember fire in your hair
Or was I dreaming that the light that shone on you was breaking madly out of joy?

They say Eliza’s wind can stir the calmest ocean, she would serve you right-
Her poetry, her potions.
If you’ll say her name she’ll cry
Eliza, give me one more goblet
One more chance to mime your song, oh my
I miss you more then ever,
Did my days all turn to nights again?
Oh, Eliza

When you left the fields were redder
Then the sky, and I was bleeding
But the note that you had left me
Was imposable to read
And anyway yours words are not enough
I need to hear you cry and laugh
I need to know you haven’t changed one bit
But any way I couldn’t meet you
‘til my song would be complete
But then my song wouldn’t be complete
Until I meet you

Through and through your forest I climb,
How easy it is to love you for what you weren’t, I’m getting dizzy,
Beside your name-I didn’t learn- oh Lizzie
You know I never called this prison home
Oh, please- I’m drowning all I ever formed
If there’s a reason, Eliza knows.


from ForegetMeNot, released December 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Kama vardi קמה ורדי Israel

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