by Kama vardi קמה ורדי

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In the memory of my lucky star;
May your spark forever reflect in these songs
Your ruby ruse burn all prisons dawn
May our love spin lightly where all others fall
When the pain would wear off
And your light floods all.


released December 12, 2012

Words and music by Kama.
Produced and arranged by Udi Naor.
Recorded at Luna studios and at Udi's house.
Mixed by Roy Nadel at Luna studios.
Mastered by Andy MIles and Simon Heyworth at SAM studios, London.

Kama -- Vocals, classical guitar and harmonica.
Udi Naor -- Percussion, melodica, dobro, glockenspiel, mellotron, rhodes, backing vocals and various sounds and noises :)
Yehu Yaron -- Upright bass on Eliza, Sail Song, Rose, ForgetMeNot and As Gray.
Gal Binyamin -- Violin on Eliza, Sail Song, Wishing Well and As Gray.
Raz Burg -- Piano on Eliza, Wishing Well and From the Start.
Uri Marom -- Black clarinet on Eliza.
Roy Nadel and Gal Goren -- Backing vocals on ForgetMeNot.
Boris Martzinovsky -- String arrangement on As Gray.

Album art concept and design by Kama


all rights reserved



Kama vardi קמה ורדי Israel

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Track Name: Eliza
They say it’s going to rain,
It’s going to be rainier then ever
But I see through your pain dear
Oh and I see that you’re just not here
They say it’s going to rain.

I see clouds in your gray eyes,
Oh, such blue I’d never dare to try
They say my grandma’s grandma
Had purple eyes
But my nose grew longer since we’ve met
I loved you from the first time that I heard you talk, I long to hear your funny little lies again
Oh Eliza
We sail through the bluest sky
Though I never dare fly higher then I could jump
It’s not a dream, I beg you, say-
How badly were we harmed?
Eliza, I remember fire in your hair
Or was I dreaming that the light that shone on you was breaking madly out of joy?

They say Eliza’s wind can stir the calmest ocean, she would serve you right-
Her poetry, her potions.
If you’ll say her name she’ll cry
Eliza, give me one more goblet
One more chance to mime your song, oh my
I miss you more then ever,
Did my days all turn to nights again?
Oh, Eliza

When you left the fields were redder
Then the sky, and I was bleeding
But the note that you had left me
Was imposable to read
And anyway yours words are not enough
I need to hear you cry and laugh
I need to know you haven’t changed one bit
But any way I couldn’t meet you
‘til my song would be complete
But then my song wouldn’t be complete
Until I meet you

Through and through your forest I climb,
How easy it is to love you for what you weren’t, I’m getting dizzy,
Beside your name-I didn’t learn- oh Lizzie
You know I never called this prison home
Oh, please- I’m drowning all I ever formed
If there’s a reason, Eliza knows.
Track Name: Sail Song
When we met I didn’t know which way to go
But you said you’re good at guessing, and I dared to take your word
So you threw us high
And then you threw us low
Like the sailors you have sent us to go crashing to the sea

And then you said- the land is mine
The sea is yours
But you wouldn’t be so lucky
If I came to seek you there
I must admit- I'ts getting better than before
I’m sorry, I knew where I was
And I knew where I was drove me mad

And if I didn’t, please forgive me
I’m not sure I do remember you
I do remember you
I do remember what you said
And if I don’t, can you forgive me?
I’m not sure I do remember you
I do remember you
I do remember what I had
And if I don’t- you must forgive me
I’m not sure I do remember
All the right things, I remember
How the truth made me so sad
And I remember how you wrote to me
In third person, saying-
Out here all the babies are dressed in blue
And all the children are dressed in blue
And all the men are dressed in blue
But it’s all right, its okay cause guess what you said

All the ladies are dressed in red
And they’re sane
And they’re mad
And they’re happy and sad
Here all the ladies are dressed in red
They said I learned how to love but I’m laughing instead
Yes, I’m laughing instead
But I’m fine.

And the only thing they know for sure
Without a doubt they could adore
My monsters growing wings
My monsters growing wings
And the only thing without a doubt
I hear them now; they scream and shout, they say they lost their meanings-
If they lost I guess I’m winning.

All the ladies are dressed in red
They said they’re good but it’s clear they prefer to be bad
Here all the ladies are dressed in red, I said I learned how to love but I’m laughing instead
Yes, I’m laughing instead
But I’m fine.
Track Name: Rose
He said, Rose, would you please be mine?
He said, no Rose, my love is not the dying kind
He said- come with me Rose,
I know you are scared,
But the love I showed you will be there
He cried- Rose, I read my dictionaries again
I can’t find the words-
Is it the end?
When I saw you standing there my heart rose;
My fingertips tingled;
Oh, my broken rose-
I hear them ring now, it seems somehow just way too sad to be real.
Rose that’s how I feel;
Rose that’s how I feel- I hear them ring now.

And now when you’re so far away
Rose what will you say?
Damn all I do all day is pray and pray and pray
He whispered- how long will you stay for?
For my love for you isn’t tamed yet
And you’re so wild, wild, wild, wild
Rose, tell me with what notes did you compose our tale, because it’s so hard to tell from here;
And what chalk and coal you used to dye their hearts so gray
To dye their hearts so gray- to die there.
Its true- the plague it runs so fast
But we’ll run faster, my love
We’ll run faster
My love will;
All I can see is blue all I can do is feel,
While Rose says- until all broken bells would heal, I’ll stay right here,
Rose I hear them ring now, and since our hearts won’t sing on, should I seal them and pack them away till a new dawn would break?
Rose how long does it take?
‘Cause I hear them ring now.
Track Name: ForgetMeNot
The view from my window goes down and down
Don’t talk to me, don’t make a sound
But sunny afternoons I’ll take
Without much hesitation

So green your eyes
And blue my mind
My shoes are walking
Blindly by
The lake seems old
The lake seems fine
For me and you to stroll on

So shut my eyes, and tie me down
The sky seems bluer from the ground
But still they cry- the world is round
Too round to stroll forever

And when you’ll come to stroke my
Aching heart, it’s funny,
How you’d go so far
For sunny days
Your sunny ways are in my way dear

Dear oh dear, oh my oh my
Don’t say a word, don’t ask me why you’re here, I’m told
I’m here to fight
My right to stroll forever

But oh, my birds are dead and gone
And all your words had left with dawn
I had to break this news to you
My dear

Like those white white nights
And these dark dark days
And your precious eyes
Yes, I was amazed
But those starless skies
That you were so afraid of
Have seemed to grasp my life
Dear I’m so away from
Everything we used to think we’re going to be
Remember what you said
Oh, remember you and me
But the town was too small dear
And our hopes so hot
When you grabbed me and said, crying- forget me not
Then I said- if I can then I will
Though it’s sad- if I can then I will

But before you talk about undying love
Take a look at my red gloves
And then say, I’ve sent you from a life of despair to a life- so weary and rare
And this autumn could keep blushing forever; I know I could never go home, where the sky would be starful and pitch black
Where they say I would be back again
Where the wolves sings me lullabies every night
But I’m way too sad to be frightened.
Meet me where the eagle glides
From early dawn to tearless nights
I see you everywhere
Meet me where we used to fly
If not for you I’d ring these awful bells- I swear I’d dare.
Meet me by the river side
Meet me where our old ghosts ride
I’m waiting for you there.
Track Name: Wishing Well
Boy, just one thing before you go
See the moon
Oh, take that blind rock from me
And though I really should know better
Here I come to plant that willow tree again

Boy my salt heart is suddenly so warm
Don’t be late
Love, don’t be late as I was
Run as fast as you can, go
Love don’t wait
I won’t stop waiting, you know
She sits by the river side, so old,
With bears and robins
She’s singing your name I’m told.
Should the valley she burned down be your home?
Call me a saint- oh I won’t care one bit, no.

I can see how you’re craving for me to know
The answer to your riddle
Oh boy, I’ve been there so many times
And though I rhyme myself to you
No, I won’t back down
‘Cause boy, I can’t help feeling
Like I know you for so long
And should that manic sadness heal inside of me
I’d still be longing
Oh and boy I get the feeling
That you know where I came from
And through all that pain I’m willing to be
Led by you
And thrown into that madness I’ve avoided
All these years
It’s crystal clear

That it’s been a hundred years or more
Since my eyes were open, dear, oh my
I lay my soul bare on the rocks
While they pray above the tearing tide
And how can memories do you right?
All I remember is your light
Perhaps the fortune-teller was right
She said we’d love like burning kites
So to the wishing well I ride
Don’t leave me hanging
Blind and frightened
To the whishing well I ride
Oh boy I need you in my life-
So call it stealing.
Track Name: As Gray
Oh he’s sad
But he’s all right
He thought he saw
Your face last night
He walks the forests
He walks the fields
He won’t cry for it
He loves her still

She doesn’t gamble
She wouldn’t sleep
Her bed is full of snow
She keeps her eyes shut tight
But still she’s losing grip
Oh, don’t shout murder
Just rip her from me

But the door looks so innocent
Her heart is sore and too full and
They should let go
And start again
But two souls so bare
And fragile, can they
Walk in silence, hand in hand
I love you as
I loved you then
But she needs his love to be endless
Winds above blow
Can’t you care less?
Look, the moon has left the sky
All rivers flow away, men die
So many fortunate souls live a lie
What can I do to dry your rosy cheeks?
I thought I saw today
A smile as bright and eyes as grey
A smile so bright and eyes so grey

And he would close his eyes
If he’d see her again
And remember the lies
And remember the pain
Yes, she would close her eyes
If she’d see him again
And remember his smile
Hear the song that he sung-
I won’t sleep tonight
She’s a moth, she’s a rainy day
Through my hopes- I know she would
Fade away
Just a glow of a glimpse
Of my undying dream
But somehow, my sadness it seems
to be steaming away after all

And he said-
Up and down the staircase
Would you be my one and only climber?
Up and down the staircase,
Up and down the staircase-
Would I ever find a way to find her?
I’ve been down for so long
Yes I’m leaving no trace
Did you see? The moon is red with my shame,
Oh ‘cause, dear, I need your love
In so many ways
Did you know- I heard you guessing my name twice,
Take my advice; burn bright and clear
Be cold as ice
I’m snowing helplessly here
But did you ever die for love at all?
Or have I been calling the wrong name after all.
Surprise, yes I’ve been falling for a million years now
And I ain’t gonna slow down.
Track Name: Heart and Knees
My garden took what gardens take
To guard me from insanity
But lonesome souls like me and you
Can do the same without it being
Or is it to much to ask from you?
Before you go if you could
Make me happier than I can be
Then I shall be so grateful
But such wonder-dreams are not for me

I knew you once
Before my time was over
When I couldn’t dream
But darling when I couldn’t dream
I couldn’t see you
Oh it’s been, such a long long
God it’s been such a long long time
It seems like you’ve noticed that I’m bleeding from my heart
And from my knees
Who’s it for I’m climbing trees
Who’s it for I’m climbing
Please climb to the highest tower
Though just a note will wait for thee there
Just a note-- well, wait for me
It would say, I am running
Me, I would say I am running
After you, after you

But oh my God, my song is flooded
And oh my God, I knew I’d forget
You, my God, here no regrets will do
Regrets will do

But I did what you asked me to do- I buried the bones in my garden, oh you,
I buried my poems in your garden
It’s true; I won’t be back by dawn.
Track Name: From the Start
I knew from the start
It’s been breaking my heart
I know soon we’ll be starting to wilt
And though you said you won’t cry for us
I swear I’ll die for us
And if you want me I will
Now the moment is passing
It’s not just the grass that is greener- I swore by your dreams
And by yours I mean mine
I mean, know I’m just miming you
Praying it’s not what it seems

The flowers you gave me were blue from the mountains
Were blue from the winter
Were blue from the rain falling out of her blue eyes
She knew that it was time to stay
But she really must go
The flowers she gave me shone bright as the white deers
Were white from the snow falling out of her blue eyes
She knew that it was time to stay
But she really must go
That it was time to stay.

My sweet baby girl, why, your eyes did abandon me
I see by your curls it was always your plan to see you and only you
I do I do
And before me you stood like a mountain
Like a forest without any trees
And your soul shining through your dry fountain
Fire heals I’d say while mine would give in
Don’t look back, don’t think twice
killing my trust with ice, you know-
Down by my fresh grave I took your advice again
Should I take your advice dear friend?
Should I take your advice? Until then-
I didn’t say I want you to stay
But I do, do, do
Do me right
no I won’t die if you would go away
My heart is strong though it breaks almost every day
Your eyes so dark- all I can do is pray
My heart is strong but if you break it, it would break. Oh, say its fine
Oh, let it shine, damn
Let it shine.

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